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Better than a
savings account

Multify earns you 6% annual yield on your idle assets using the power of decentralized finance. Withdraw anytime.
Earn 6% annual yield compounded daily
Withdraw within 3 business days

Multify makes it easy
to grow your money

Deposit funds

Multify partners with Lakefront Treasury to make high-yield, over-collateralized short term loans

Collect yields

Multify generates returns which are distributed to our clients

Withdraw anytime

There is no lock-up with Multify.  Get your money when you need it within 3 business days

The power of crypto balanced
with the confidence of fiat

Compliant and Secure

Funds stored with industry-leading compliance and security custodial partners like Prime Trust and Fireblocks

Deposit and Withdraw USD

No need to convert from cash to crypto - Multify handles all of the blockchain interactions for you

Connect your bank account

Make deposits and withdrawals from your existing bank account.

Reach out to our sales team

We'll walk you through Multify's capabilities.

Track your assets - deposit and withdraw at any time

With Multify you can deposit or withdraw at any time.

Experience the power of DeFi

Start growing your money today.